Outpatient Providers

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and
In-Home Counseling:

  • Allison Laughlin, LMSW
  • Anne Lozon, LCSW
  • Bronwyn Marshall, LCSW
  • Esther Delpozo, LCSW
  • John Kelty, LCSW
  • Kathleen Horlacher, LCSW
  • Kelly Bucher, LMSW
  • Marlene Lopez, LPC
  • Mary Horton, LCSW
  • Shirley Hanson, LCSW
  • Talia Toon, LCSW
  • Tamera Van Berkel, LAC

    SNF/Home Director:
    Mary Horton, LCSW

Casa Grande Clinic:

  • Adam Carter, PMHNP-BC
  • Nicole Carlson, LMSW
  • Sandy DeCuzzi, LCSW 
  • Thomas Rudderstaller, LPC

 Casa Grande Clinic Director: 
Sandy DeCuzzi, LCSW


Estrella Clinic:

  • Albert Pierce, PMHNP
  • Dhiana Patel, LAC
  • Floriann Blackhorse, LCSW
  • Frances Spink, PMHNP
  • Heather Ryan, PMHNP
  • Lindsay Latshaw, LMSW
  • Rich Bohannan, LCSW
  • Shawna Peters, LPC
  • Tricia Birmingham, LPC 

Estrella Clinic Director:
Rich Bohannan, LCSW

Scottsdale Clinic:

  • Allison Pincus, LCSW
  • Ben Burke, LPC
  • Charles Reichel, LCSW
  • Donna Pietrewicz, LCSW
  • Erica Lundeen, LPC
  • Gary Zarchy, LPC, LISAC
  • Jennifer Kirshner, LAC
  • JoAnn Storms, LPC
  • Lacy Walther, LAC
  • Laura Kessler, LCSW
  • Dr. Lindsay Stream, DNP, PMHNP-BC
  • Natalie Collier, MSN, FNP-C
  • Patricia Birmingham, LPC
  • Rhanda Pretzer, LMSW 

Scottsdale Clinic Director:
Erica Lundeen, LPC

Tempe Clinic:

  • Adam Carter, PMHNP-BC
  • Alicia Kostov, LCSW
  • Dr. Angela Chen, PhD, PMHNP-BC
  • Ben DeJesus, LCSW
  • Brenda Alaia, LPC
  • Jacob Templeton, LMSW
  • Jennie Whitmer, LAC 
  • Jessica Santosusso, LCSW
  • Julie Rugolo, LCSW
  • Mandee Bahadar, LPC
  • Mar Pollock, LCSW
  • Megan Gittins, LPC
  • Natalie Corsbie, PMHNP-BC
  • Renee Garnier, LCSW
  • Thomas Gussie, LPC
  • Tiffany Jordan, PMHNP-BC
  • Tracy Schelle, PMHNP-BC 
Tempe Clinic Director:

Micah Crawford, LPC 



"I feel balanced and hopeful for my future. I haven't felt that way in years."
"I am not depressed and my stress level has gone way down."

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