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Crisis Training

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) Approved CISM trainings:

CPR has been providing Critical Incident Stress Management courses for over 20 years. They include:

  • Individual in Crisis/Peer Support – 2 day training
  • CISM: Group Interventions – 2 day training
  • Group and Individual in Crisis/Peer Support – 3 day training
  • CISM: Advance Group Interventions – 2 day training
  • Comprehensive Crisis Preparation & Response for the Workplace – 2 day training
  • Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement – 2 day training
  • Managing School Crises: From Theory to Application – 2 day training
  • Pastoral Crisis Intervention – 2 day training
  • Strategic Response to Crisis – 2 day training
  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention – 2 day training
  • Terrorism: Psychological Impact and Implications – 2 day training
  • TEAM: Team Evolution and Management – 2 day training

We also provide the following trainings and can customize any training to meet your needs:

“Handling Me, Myself, and Them”
Length:  1 ½ hours
This workshop teaches individuals to better handle their own stress and remain in control. Participants will also be taught basic conflict resolution techniques to use when dealing with difficult situations and individuals.

“Dealing with the Psychiatric Patient”
Length:  1 ½ hours
This workshop teaches individuals to recognize signs and symptoms of the psychiatric patient, warning signs of potential violence, and safety and de-escalation techniques.

“Critical Incident Stress Management Overview:  Taking Care of the Caregivers”
Length:   1 ½ hours
This workshop teaches about the effects of cumulative and traumatic events on the individual and group processes to mitigate the impact.

“Drugs: Types, Effects, and Dealing with the Substance Abuser”
Length:  1 ½ hours
This workshop teaches participants about the different types of drugs used by abusers, their effects, and how best to handle an abuser.

“StressFree© Lifestyle”
Length: 6 hours
This workshop teaches individuals to better manage stress, deal with relationships, set appropriate boundaries, be appropriately assertive, and manage time wisely.

“Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace”
Length: 7 hours
This workshop is primarily for supervisors. The workshop presents participants with information that will give them the ability to recognize early warning signals and make everyone aware of the potential for violence.

Contact us at to request a proposal for on-site training of any of the above. Also check our calendar for public offerings of the courses.