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Counseling Services:

“Everyone at CPR is always very respectful, helpful, and nice. I appreciate all of the help.”

“The best thing I have ever done for myself was to call and set up an appointment at CPR.”

“I am very grateful for the assistance I receive at CPR and the encouragement I receive in becoming a more self-sufficient me.”

“I am happy with the services I received at CPR, my counselor understands my problems and concerns.”

“I really, really, really like my therapist and how I am treated. Now I can name my problems and take action to address them.”

“CPR has helped me work through past trauma and learn the tools I need to live and give me hope for the future. Thank you for the assistance that made me the person I have become.”



“Tom is a very engaging speaker with real life examples that illustrated the application of the material”

“Wonderful course, great instructor techniques, awesome presentation.”

“Excellent course!  Everyone should learn techniques for CISM.”

“Thank you for a class well taught. Far exceeded my expectations! All law enforcement personnel need to be educated in this subject matter.”

“The instructor was outstanding!  I highly recommend Tom as a contract resource for our department.”

“I think all school counselors should take this course. Extremely worthwhile – I learned a lot!”

“This was the first training I did not fall asleep!”

“I was most impressed with this course. it was a very finely-tuned instrument. Just the right amount of gourd discussion, practice, laughs, video clips…Appreciated and slides dimmed during long discussions to minimize visual disturbance. Very thoughtful and nice attention to detail.”

“Thank you fro opening my shell and letting the inner me out! You helped me in more ways (than) you can imagine.”


“Your counselor has been a valuable asset to patient care.  He is polite and courteous to both staff and clients.  He communicates well with staff, clients, and family members.”

“Your counselor was excellent!  Our patients receive superior care.”

“We are very happy with your service, professionalism, and ability to work through difficult situations at a rapid pace.  Your staff is wonderful.”

“Your counselor always gives the utmost help to us in every case. She goes the extra mile for each patient. We appreciate her expertise and professional manner.”