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Disaster & Crisis Management Consulting



“Every little thing counts in a crisis.”
– Jawaharlal Nehru


A disaster or crisis, whatever its cause, can strike your organization at any time. While we all hope this never happens to us, we all need to be ready in the event that something does happen. At these times of sudden upheavel, you must have a well rehearsed plan to help you, your staff, and your organization respond to and recover from any disaster that may strike.

The experts at Crisis Preparation and Recovery will help your business or organization mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any disaster or crisis that may come your way. Extreme life and death situations can and still do occur across the country – due to natural hazards, technological hazards and failures, and as we’ve all learned from September 11th, terrorist attacks. As a leader in your organization, it is your duty to acknowledge these threats, take them seriously, and prepare your organization by any means available to you.

CPR offers a vast amount of experience in Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Plan development and Shelter Management.  All planning will be done in compliance with ADA, and FEMA standards.

Emergency Operations Planning

  • Vulnerable Population Planning
  • EOC / IMT Training and Exercise

Incident Management Services

  • Custom built All-Hazards IMT program designed to fit YOUR agency.
  • AHIMT development from infancy to deployment.
  • Customized training and exercises
  • AHIMT qualification guidance and mentoring.
  • AHIMT exercise evaluation
  • Team Growth and Sustainability
  • Emergency Response Plan Development
  • After-Action Review Assistance

CPR has the ability to bring in experienced, certified, and qualified instructors to assist in team training and exercises allowing for sign off of tasks in All Hazard PTBs.