Crisis Preparation and Recovery, Inc.

"Helping People and Organizations Survive"

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Here is a list of our clinic’s counselors, psychologists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners:

Updated 4-13-17

Brenda Alaia, LPC

Stacey Beck, LPC

Patricia Birmingham, LPC

Floriann Blackhorse, LMSW

Allison Blitz, LAC

Ben Burke, LPC, LISAC

Kayla Campbell, LPC

Beverly Carter, LCSW

Jessica Carter, LAC

Angela Chen, PMHNP-BC

Natalie Corsbie, PMHNP-BC

Thomas Gussie, LAC

Lauren Jones, LCSW

Tiffany Jordan, PMHNP-BC

Laura Kessler, LCSW

Jennifer Kirshner, CIT

Alicia Kostov, LCSW

Margaret Masi, LMSW

Kari Miller, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Amy Paul, PsyD

Zackary Paustian, LAC

Donna Pietrewicz, LCSW

Allison Pincus, LMSW

Mar Pollock, LCSW

Charles Reichel, LCSW

Shellie Ruge, LPC, LISAC

Dr. Ester Ruiz, PhD, PMHNP-BC

Tracy Schelle, PMHNP-BC

JoAnn Storms, LAC

Lindsay Stream, PMHNP-BC

Sandra Warner, LPC

Heather Williamson, LMSW

Gary Zarchy, LPC, LISAC